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sulfur Answered

ok i am in the proccess of making gunpowder and i personally thought that saltpeter was probably the hardest chemical to find in the uk, however, i have come across a new dilema, obtaining sulfur? i have searched google and found very vague information that is really no use to me :( and dont know what else to try? please tell me where to buy it or how to make, i am very greatfull for everyones help, thankyou.


Yeah, Sulfur is an element and might prove hard to make.

Hey, you can make hydrogen. When you use electrolysis to obtain H and O from H2O, electrons from the battery pull off protons from the water, thereby making hydrogen, an element. Methinks sulfur would be a bit more difficult, though.

You can produce sulfur/sulphur from it's compounds, but it's going to be the most difficult way of getting some. (But electrolysis isn't the answer)


But that is only separating/purifying it, not actually making the individual sulfur atoms.

Well you weren't talking about making hydrogen atoms, were you?


And anyway, you get H2 and O2 from water. Electrons from the battery oxidise O(-2) to O(0). H(+1) is reduced to H(0).

How else would you make hydrogen? Any other method is simply separating it from mixtures or compounds.

Use large amounts of quarks and other sub-atomic particles : ) You DO have your own cyclotron, right?

From hydrides, reaction of metals with water, dehydrogenation, but it's all redox anyway... and making sulphur is the same kind of making as you'd find in making hydrogen.
Preparing might be a more appropriate word?



10 years ago

thanks for all the god input everyone :D

try a volcano vent. i went to lassen and found some, but i think its impure, go to garden dept and look for sulfur there

. Try asking for "Flowers of Sulphur" at hardware/agriculture stores.