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survial kit ideas Answered

Any ideas for survival gear, please post.


every survival kit should contain an emergency teleportation unit


10 years ago

Are we talking portable survival kit to carry in your (purse), something a bit bigger for the car, or one of those emergency preparedness kits you're supposed to have at home to sustain your family for several days in the event of significant natural disaster? For the latter, I think a big useful thing would be to have a plan on how to use the resources already present in your home effectively. For instance, the food in your freezer will stay frozen/cold quite a long time even without power (ask anyone who forgot to defrost the thanksgiving turkey in time), but not everything in there will be usable without power for cooking. In any case, a big thing is matches, lighters, and other ways of making fire. If you don't smoke these days, you can become very complacent about how easy it is to turn a knob or push a button and get heat. I remember one company group picnic, well equipped with charcoal, lighter fluid, food for everyone from the meat-eaters to the vegetarians... No one had any matches to light the charcoal!

we're talking wildernes survival any size

Have a nice knife that you can put stuff in the handle. i will get a link for you. BRB/

you never want a knife that lets you put things in the handle. you want a good solid one with a nice strong wood handle. the knife is your most important tool, it should be solid, sharp, and not a gimmick

that knife was an example. I use a knife like that and it has never let me down! The knife i have is strong as all sin! nothing i have used it on has made it stop!

aside from the knife itself, the case should have a sharpening stone in a pocket, and a positive fastening (snap) to hold it in place a machete based on a parang is a good choice.


10 years ago

anyone have ideas for first aid

yeah, keep some salin/disinfectant solution, standard bandages etc., some fishing line/surgical thread, a few needles (one bent but it can be done with a standard one bent to a hook), painkillers, antihistamines, diarheoa tablets and keep a chocolate bar or some such in the medical kit, trust me when you've just broke your arm or impaled it nothing helps as much as something sweet to calm you down. Also if I injure myself again in the wrong way then I'll do an instructable about how to stitch small deep wounds together, mainly because it's really painful I'm not doing it on horrible gashes and oh yeah I'm not cutting myself for you lot either.

You stich yourself up? I'd rather pull out the butterfly bandages and call it a day! (Or superglue)

Make sure to include your mind-altering drug of choice.


Well I'd tried butterfly bandages but it was my knuckle and it wouldn't stay closed, and looking at the bone all day isn't nice so I put a couple f stitches through wire really thin guage jewellry stuff, all streilized appropriately of course... It turned out very neat aswell there's only oe bump in the scar because there was a small hole at the end... no stitch marks at all though, so I'm proud that and it finally became clear why we were taught sewing in primary school. I nearly had to stitch my eyebrow aswell when a guy hit me with what later turned out to be knuckle dusters, thankfully it closed up with a combination of butterfly bandages and a small bandage on top scotch taped over it. The reason for all this is that yoou usually end up with a newbie doctor for stitches and the scar on my arm looks like a big pirate scar because he wasn't very neat or good, it popped back open the first time the stitches came out, the nurse however was great at needlepoint and as a result it only has one set of bars through it. That said a couple of shots of whiskey helps, one right before and one right after, get really rough whiskey and it takes your mind off the the pain a bit, proceed to cover over if on a joint then get drunk and wake up happy with your work.

That said a jet lighter works well, not much after 1300 degrees C but yes in a pinch You could do that Because the lighter burns clean I can heat the metal to glowing and not get carbon on it, one thing you never ever want to do is get carbon on a blade then the blade in you, it kills you somehow, that's why knives are blacked in fire when intended for deadly uses.

Depends on where you are going to be : ) And how much weight/volume you are willing to carry. And how handy you are-do you need matches/lighter or can you (reliably!) start a fire with flint & steel or a fire bow?

the good thing about the knife is you can have it with you at all times and the cops wont go after you when you walking dow the road. (if you were walking down a road with a gun......... that aint a good idea)

I saw a real good idea the other day, someone's shotgun had a hollow butt, so he took the end off and put like a hinge on it, then in the hollow he stuffed in a survival kit of sorts(survival blanket, fishing gear, water purification gear, painter tarp and para cord for a shelter etc).