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sweet.... Destructables. Answered


also this is a forum to post your favorite/your april fools day entries

my favorite

and mine


i thought of making a destructables group...
now it wouldn't be as funny. =(

A blast from the past is great
so is "ye olde pranks" or something

mine's here (the only one of which I know the url by heart


10 years ago

It's fantastic!

Robot is come out of hiding to complete his mission! =)

tommorrow they should have him in jail clothes scrubbing it off or somthing like that. it would be interesting. not that I'm saying the robot should be sent to imaginary jail

robots dont go to jail. they have windows vista installed until they serve their sentence. then, they are released and returned to xp or linux. and to put them to death, they install windows 95

No that's just the maximum corporal punishment they can do without killing them, it's like cutting off its arms and legs, the final end for them is my flash drive, I put it in to any computer and get an instant bluescreen, boot computer with drive in- fine, no files, pull the drive out instant bluescreen which is a problem because the drive overheats very fast and goes on fire, forcing the robot to choose how to end it all...

It's reserved for the most extreme offenders... like the damn honda robot that knows he can walk up stairs and run but like falling over for a bit of attention...

actually, he can walk and make his own decisions, but the interface is a tad sketcy

operator: go where im pointing
asimov: okay. lets shake hands!
operator: beats himself with book
asimov: i cannot understand you