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tables Answered

There are several Instructables I'd like to do but they involve tables, as in spreadsheets, not where the Thanksgiving turkey is the main course. What markup format do I use? I've tried the one used at the Wikipedia but it does not work.


Finally found the only way a table can be done! Seems like they use to be simple and supported and only involved a couple of vertical bars. Is wiki formating no longer going to be supported except for links, quotes and the most rudimentary stuff?

. How about telling the rest of us how you did it? TIA

. I looked at all 19 of your iBles and didn't see anything even remotely resembling a table. What did I miss?

What source code? You have access to the homebrew formatting code Rachel et al. are using here? If not, why don't you actually post what you claim to have found?