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tesla ? Answered

hey guys is these two power sources plasuble http://www.teslasecret.com/ http://www.greenearth4energy.com/zero_point_energy.html for me to bulid 


I thought this would be a "stupid" question, why are you asking us - don't you trust that site's advice?


Sensible, but you'd really want to ask if they actually work as described wouldn't you?


You could always try it to find out, just don't pay anyone for the privilege.


ok the 2 dollar worht of parts i can assemble together thanks ill levae i t open for now

Let me be more specific: They aren't plausible for ANYONE to build. There is no such thing as a "zero point energy" power source. Period.


By the way:

1) Any time you see a claim that anything is "information THEY don't want you to have", be very, very suspicious, especially if they want your money. That phrasing is almost always an indication of either a scam, a delusion, or both. (The only exceptions I can think of offhand are things like the Consumer Reports car buying guides, which do provide legitimate information on how to negotiate with dealers.)

2) Any time you see a claim that some bit of fringe science is worth investing in, ask yourself why people who have more money and more experience haven't already invested in it. Sure, there are breakthroughs which initially get ignored... but they're rare, and the odds that anyone who is going out to the web or other advertising rather than looking for serious investors really has something are pretty near zero.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

yeah i know i saw 500 pepole say i can do it but i turened to you guys here insted

How many of those 500 have actually built it and made it work -- and I mean REALLY work, provably producing more energy out than was put in, without making excuses about how it "ought to" behave?

i know i was looking for a better power source besides i think it was a good idea to check heree

Watched the video - Sorry the gent is delusional. The effect is eddy currents moving the objects.

NO free energy.