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the 6 foot, the longest range knex gun in history! Answered

Here is a preview of the longest range gun in knex history, the 6 foot!!!!!!!!(the barrel is 6 feet long!!!!!!) Instructable coming soon , or shall I say novel sized building manual, just as soon as I get Mlcad working because of the size of this beast.

KillerK and benfoxg eat my dust!!!!!!

its still in construction, so subscribe, and stay tuned!




7 years ago

the knex super sling iz 12ft...

but it is lightly supported, this is a yellow rod thick, and is a sniper rifle (if you could call it that), it was designed to hold the range record.

suppose, its not really possible... i got 100ft without fins on tr18...

Yeah, uh, I get the feeling you don't really know what 100ft is, more of a

"WOAH! DID YOU SEE THAT?! IT WENT LIKE... A HUNDRED FEET!" *tka tka tka tka* "Aaaand... Post."

Gawsh, finally SOMEONE understands humor, I thought you'd probably take that negatively. Cool.

But yeah, I have a REALLY hard time believing K'Nex guns can go more than 30 ft. without the aid of special rubber bands/modifications.

Like any gun can shoot 30 ft. Stop being bad.

Yeah. 30ft. is more than a lot of people think.

nope lol =D not really lol, te tr18 get really good ranges, you should try it an see for youselfe! =D

Nah, I don't have nearly enough pieces. Thanks anyways though!



i know, lowneys a liar...

the sr-v2 doesnt get its range by magic, it gets it from fins, unique trigger, and most importantly LOADS of rubber bands, when you scale something up to twice the size, and add a stronger trigger you will get the desired range, mine will theoretically shoot 900-1000 feet.

Ever heard of air resistance, at 60 mph, air is like custard, at 100 mph air is like jam, at 200 mph it is like a cake. At 250 it is like moving through soil. The bullets on the long range guns use either red connectors or tan connectors to mount the elastics to the bullet, the red connector is very big, so the faster you move throught the air, the more mother nature wants to slow you down, using a tan connector, will result in less air resistance, but it is not aerodynamic, so I think the range of your gun, in the right conditions will be around 650-750 ft, not 1000ft. Doubling power does NOT double range.

Air resistance is not the only reason very long range does not seem feasible, Knex Rifles get poor range due to the fact that the ammo is extremely light, and the cannons get poor range due the fact that the ammo is very large, now if you were to add some kind of weight to the ammo (lead tape maybe) you would probably get more range.

With A tail wind 900 would probably be possible. Mine has a stronger trigger mech than wickey's crossbows, IAC's cannon, and above all the sr-v2, because unlike wicky's crossbows, the red connector at the tip of the ammo(optional) will go through the trigger mech instead of having it protruding out for the rubber bands to rip off, I will use surgical tubing, and lots of it, compared to a few rubberbands like lowneys sr-v2. And yes I have heard of air resistance. Have you heard of the 30-378 Weatherby magnum? It has gone nearly one mile per second in tests conducted by Roy Weatherby 50 YEARS AGO. It will still hold the knex sniper distance record.

yeah... but its the laws of physics, more energy transversed into the same projectile = longer range

ok, as i said, ill belive it when its made... also, will you have enough knex and time for it?

That will have to use one verrrryyyyy large rubber band. Good luck, don't kill anyone with it.

Where is it?!?!

I don't know, i've lost alot of interest in knex over the past few months. Merry Christmas!

whats the point of it