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the best batchers

the best batchers (that i know of) are the following: 1.) me, i've made a few good viruses 2.) mutant, he's really good, i don't even fully understand hs instructable (maybe he should write the code of his links since they don't work) 3.) tat guy that mutant argued on on that other forum, i would like to learn more from him


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Prof. Pickle (author)2012-12-14

Really, come on guys! g-one is the best "batcher" I've ever seen.

Psychic Master (author)2010-01-07

My list consists of these three people:

1) TATcreator
2) fwis28
3) Shadow ops

these three have helped me out a lot with a few of my mistakes back while i was a noob to batching.

Brennn10 (author)2007-12-15

Personally, the best batchers are not the ones who can delete the most C drives, the best batchers are those who can put the language to a proper use and help people out.

thefirstgaruga (author)Brennn102007-12-17

nah, good or bad, it doesn't matter. I think that the best batchers are the ones that can use it to their advantage against high profile C++ program wriers that talk smack all the time

John Smith (author)2007-12-14

So....what was the point of this?

Doctor What (author)John Smith2007-12-14

Its thefirstgaruga's list of best batchers, who make viruses. For some reason he put himself at the the top of the list.

John Smith (author)Doctor What2007-12-14

Well, I got that much. I just didn't understand why this was a forum post...

He is trying to convince himself he is a dangerous virus writer lol

Nothing could be further from the truth :D (Except maybe flying cats)

I kind of am not, i don't believe in format or delete, because they're too mean. i make alot of fork bombs, and i've made blue screen before(not invented!)

Doctor What (author)John Smith2007-12-14

He might have been bored...

yep, that's it. also because nothing happens on this group anyways

well nothing really happens on this group anyways

oh, i didn't mean it like that. i don't know which place any of us are in, those are just rerferences