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the clear tube 2" long by 1 1/2" inside diameter where to find? Answered

the clear tube 2" long by 1 1/2" inside diameter i tried searching on tap plastics but cant find the correct one. its based on https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-kaleidoscope-1/    below they wrote Optional stuff to add style the part where they wrote "1-clear tube 2" long by 1 1/2" inside diameter" i cant find.


Doesn't have to be clear to make it work . Most commercial ones are made of metal or opaque plastic.

A bit of PVC pipe would work.

Usually in a DIY hardware or Plumbers shop. Its the sort used to connect the sink outlet to the drain.

In actual fact if you want to make a Kaleidoscope all you need to do is make 3 mirrors into a triangle hold in place with rubber bands.

Stand on the table and put your pretty shapes in the bottom look down through the top.

All of the rest is just to make the device portable.

Any hardware type store.  Home Depot etc....  
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McMaster-Carr has the following, but it is somewhat expensive (about $19 for a 1 foot length)

acrylic, 12"long, 1.5" ID, 1/8" wall

That was the only clear tubing I could find on their site with a 1.5" ID. If you modifiy your design slightly, the following products from their site are much more affordable:

polycarbonate, 12"long, 1.875" ID, 1/16" wall, ~$5

polycarbonate, 12"long, 1.125" ID, 1/16" wall, ~$4

If the exact size is somewhat flexible, you could try using one of those tubes used to protect long florescent light bulbs. These are about 4 ft long, approximately 1.5" inside diameter, but the material is fairly thin (about 1/32" or less wall thickness). You can find those in the light bulb department of larger hardware stores, and they should be pretty cheap.

Other low cost options would be food or medicine containers, especilly since you only need 1" of the tubing.

Cellophane rolls (the things that it's wrapped around) are excellent, sturdy tubes.

The tube from aluminum foil, paper towels, or even a toilet paper tube can also be used, although a layer of masking tape would be desireable to gain a bit of thickness and stability to the tubes for these choices, since they're thinner than the one used for cellopane.

As rickharris pointed out, you don't need a transparent tube. the Kaleidoscope uses a translucent placard on the front face to provide illumination for the device.

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