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the difference between an oxygen atom and an oxygen molecule? Answered

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Having someone give you an answer isn't the same as understanding which take , effort, reading and time

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Having someone give you an answer isn't the same as understanding which takes , effort, reading and time

An atom is a single particle, identified by the number of protons in its nucleus.  Oxygen has 8 protons in its nucleus.  Atomic oxygen is rare because it has an incomplete electron shell, which basically means it has a charge and is attracted to other atoms/ions/molecules to react with them.

A Molecule of oxygen involves 2 oxygen atoms with molecular bonds, tied together.  It's denoted as O2

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Ozone O3 is another molecule of Oxygen with a 30min half-life.


Here's a great shortcut! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molecule

Oxygen in nature exists as a diatomic molecule. As Frollard mentioned, it is represented as O2.

In short an atom is a single, well atom of an element, a molecule is a number of atoms joined in a stable form, in the case of oxygen, 2 must be bonded to be in a stable, neutral form as frollard said