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the legend of zelda: link the instructables robot Answered

well i love the legend of zelda and the instructables robot so i opened photoshop and combined the two!


I know it's an old thread, but whatever. this would make a sweet game mod if you were up to the task!

xD 3 years it abit more then a 'old thread'.

And... Ehh, that'd be way to complicated. To top it off, Zelda didn't have much in between 3D and really blocky 2D Meaning I'd either have to redesign this in a 8x8 pixel block, or create it into a 3D image and somehow inject that into a Zelda game. Both are very hard/annoying to do. I just don't have to time to be honest.


and is eric navi? His constand advisor in the ocarina of time

A comment this epic desires a response. You just brought up a 3 year old post, and I'm not even sure how your comment actually relates to the topic. 



10 years ago

He does indeed look like link.......indeed....

Save the princess! Yay robot!

Now you need to make a princess Zelda one for him to save.

thank you! it took my like a half an hour in photoshop to get everything the right size.