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the new shotgun on the block -EDIT- Answered

Ok guys I sorry about not getting the pictures up but I do have an explanation.
the picture shown was taken with my father's camera as I still cannot find the charging cable for mine. He "needs" his camera for work so I must wait indefinitely until I can "borrow" it to get some more pictures
Modern Warfare 2 confiscated?
No computer or tv until 4 o'clock?

what am I supposed to do?

Well here's the result of about 3 hours of boredom. Its a single shot shotgun that fires shells, however these shells are a red rod long and hold 3 white rods, plus reloading takes less than 10 seconds with a bit of practice. Range isn't too impressive, roughly 5 metres for 3 white rods and up to about 10 for a yellow. 

More pictures will be up once I have finished exams on Friday this week, 

45º handles FTL!!!


Confiscating MW2? That's not a punishment, they're doing you a favor. Nice gun though.

So I'm in the process of making a gun, that also has a custom angled handle. It's not like yours, it's got a less steep angle, but yet it's not 45 degrees. What would you think/

custom handles aren't really that hard to make, but good on you for doing something different to 98% of guns out there


7 years ago

lol, "needs" "borrow"

u have to post this cause if u dont then ur a mean person and never deserve to have a lover. XD

or just give a few pics about the inside of the gun, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool! (Thought you left?)


7 years ago

that looks class!

good job, cant wait till ya post more picks, i might build.



do you even read the description? I have exams every day until friday this week so I have no free time whatsoever until then

what means FTL?

I'll build when I get home. How is the pin guide connected?

red connector attached to white rod at the back of the gun between the yellow connectors. unfortunately I doubt you will succeed, you can't see tthe other side which has sone important features and you can't see the trigger mech.

good luck anyways

I coulda sworn you were quitting. Anyways this is a nice build. The handle is better than most non-replica guns out there IMO.

I never said that I was quitting, just leaving for the time being....

anyways I have come to the conclusion that 45º handles suck and this handle really isn't new to me, I have used variations of it on a TR and a NAR pistol

and thank you for your compliment

45 degree handles aren't that bad. They just aren't realistic angles on replica guns.

true, however realistic handles are far more comfortable on my opinion.

They're not bad when done right like on pistols or guns with decently long stocks but yeah I prefer realistically angled handles. I like the thumb hole design of this one. I might steal the concept but make my own design if that's alright.

go for it, this handle was actually designed for the TR. I still really want to make the actual handle part a bit longer and I have made a mod to the tumbhole to make it a bit more comfortable

Bleh I tried something and it just isn't comfortable without making an unusually long handle.

look fun btw :)