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the welder with sunglasses Answered

I just ran into this interesting post of an italian woman living in Addis Abeba:
Since it's funny and explained with humor I wish to share it with you:
I can of course translate it into English ;-)

"The welder with sunglasses

Today a man came to weld our gate, because it had come off a metal rod. He came with a wheelbarrow containing the tools of the trade: a hammer, a few pieces of iron and a welder. This one!
When I saw it I ran home to get my camera, deeply convinced that the entire operation had to be documented; and in fact I was not wrong.
To connect the welding machine to the wall socket of my living room there was no extension cable. But here no one lose heart for so little: only took a few lengths of electrical cable connected to the least worst and fixed with a few pieces of cloth and the problem is solved.
Of course, such a link at the end did not have a plug to be inserted into the socket, and when I pointed it out the welder looked at me with pitying air, and carelessly shoved the two bare wires in the little holes in the wall.
Only a few sparks, but in the end it worked out great, the welder has completed its work smartly wearing a pair of sunglasses as protection, the power went out just three times and the gate is as good as new. Just for the record, the wall socket is now a bit melted..."

I wish there will be many authors here like that "welder with sunglasses"

ps: don't try that by yourselves!!


"the power went out just 3 times" heheh thx for sharin.



3 years ago

Wow, that is one crazy diy transformer! Looks like he insulated the coil wire by hand-wrapping it with cloth...


3 years ago

If that guy came to do work for me, I think I'd pay him with an extension cord he could plug into the wall and a circuit breaker, maybe a portable fire extinguisher :P

At least he had sunglasses- he could have been this guy:


LOL! That image is unbelievable! Why didn't I think to that before buying a solar electronic welding mask!?