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thermo electric fan Answered

I bought an ECOFAN and want to know if anyone has figured out how to make one?
I see computer fans online for as low as $19 that seem to run the same way.
Heres one I looked at;

Will these work?


I saw one on Youtube,used one of those gaming computer tower heatsinks,simple Peltier element and cheap dc motor.Looks like it worls really well.I have already bought my heatsink from a computer supply shop.Next it a high temp peltier element online from www.tetech.com They are only about $17 and rated to 325deg Celcius!Will make an aluminium (thats how we spell and pronounce it here in New Zealand!) frame and shape a fan blade out of sheet aluminium .5 mm.Will post pics of my progress.Truth is, I havent even got my woodstove installed yet. My Ecofan arrived in the post yesterday but Im super keen to make one better than that! With the proper heatsink, im sure I can.

You can buy the thermoelectric power generation modules used to repair Ecofans on eBay. Here is a link:


are you talking about the stuff that uses peltier-junctions?

I believe that's what the ECOFAN is.... I hoping someone has figured this out and knows how to build one. I'm curious if this fan I added the link for works the same way.

all that is is a peltier junction with a heatsink on one side, a flame on the other (to create a large temperature difference) and using the electricity generated to run a fan (and possibly other devices). There was an article in a make magazine. I wanted to build one, but when I got serious about it I didn't feel like spending 40 bucks on materials (peltier junction and an good heatsink)

If you do build one you need a bimetallic strip to lift it off the heat source as it gets hotter, thats assuming it's going on a fireplace or some other high temp heat source, because you'll run the risk of melting the pelters junctions which are all soldered with a very low temp solder.... But other then that a few used heatsinks and a small fan and pelter is all thats needed (( and just a tip low cost pelters are becoming common place in items like automotive pop can cooler, Napa had one for $15 it even had a nice 120 VAC to 12 VDC 2.5 Amp switched mode power supply I personally though it was worth it for the power supply never mind the rest of the stuff and it had a 20 something Watt pelter in it ))