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thermoelectric coolers are eficient or not!? Answered

the thermoeletric coolers are eficient or not?. hello everybody!!!!! im recently have make much research and test with tec coolers. on question have a way for boost the tec coolers eficiency. please come and post your questions and answers.


thanks! for your comments guys. gtenzler as i can see you are well documented about thermoelectric cooling you have much data and tips that really work! thanks. but i have made a finding that i want share with you all. everybody here has try with an peltier only some with two, up to two stage peltiers, the delta parameter data. means run the cooler to almost top power ratings for get the higher thermic diference, this is ridiculous compare the cold production vs the heat prodution. is worse, so the real trick is the size of the cooler mass. think this!!!. is not usefull wait until the body being cooled reach sub-zero temperatures if will not keep cold when you start a fan for take and use that cold energy. the rean use is keep the low teperatures even if the fan is started for use the cold energy!, how do that? simple serialisation on the peltier array. ex: two 12v tec coolers in serie electrical connection for run on 12v it cut the power load to the half and heat production is minimun if you can try with 4 tec on serie connection for 12v and you remenber me!!!!. try it you will not desaponted. lemonie thanks for you tip for gain the attention. i already have two projects ill publish it

Hi, here are some parameters, which significantly influence the efficiency of thermoelectric coolers (TECs): (1) Excellent heat sink, like a CPU cooler with a fan (heat pipe heat sink or liquid chilled cold plate is even better) (2) Excellent thermal contact between the TEC and the heat sink, and the TEC and the object to be cooled. You should used thermal grease or graphite foils, and also the contact surface should be VERY flat and even. Air gaps will take away a lot of performance and may even damage the TEC by overheating. (3) Small TECs (5mmx5mm) can be soldered or glued, but bigger ones should be clamped with with a screw-spring-system. When you shut on your cooling system, all parts change their temperature and will expand or contract. Due to the thermal expansion coefficients of the materials ther parts will change their geometry and cause relative movements at the thermal contact surfaces. When the TECs cannot expand and contract, the bismuth-telluride material inside can crack and cause high AC resistance, and the TECs looses most of its performance. I recommend to measure AC- resistance before and after mounting the TEC. You should use very low current during the AC measurement, as the current will make the TEC work, will change its temperature and this will again change the AC resistance. (4) A lot more info and calculation software can be found on several websites of TEC manufacturers like Marlow, Melcor and Ferrotec. Good luck with your project... Rgds Guenter

Hello, you may get more interest in your research if you published a project you've done as an Instructable or slideshow. People like looking at pictures... L