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this isn't a question its a statement on a question i asked earlier Answered

earlier i asked about putting a turbo on a two stroke weedeater motor. i tried it and IT WORKED. it made the rpms triple! it worked to a point so if its too much then it will actually not work and slow down the motor. and it sounds cool 


Where is the Instructable then?


oh i didn't have enough time and anyways it was a experiment

oh im going to start designing a permanent one and once i do that i'll have some pictures and why do you keep typing a L on the bottom of your comment?

. Great! Post some pics. Better yet, post some videos. Best of all, publish an iBles. Congratulations.

(For what it's worth, it would have been better to add this comment to that question's answers -- it's a bit more useful to have all the discussion of an idea gathered into a single one pile, so folks can find it later.)

Don't stand too close. Those parts are probably not rated for more than double the rpms. Especially the flywheel.

oh i didn't reach max rpms i was idling the motor when i tried this.