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thomas edison Answered

i am reasurching thomas edison
please post any noledge you have on him
it will help heaps



He had most of the "symptoms" that go along with being Asperger's (ASD).  IIRC, he did not sleep well either.

 lets see, he invented the light bulb? there's also this motion thing he made. I suddenly remembered that he sort of burned down the barn of his family at a young age.

the lightbulb was invented by a german apothecary/pharmacist (or whatever its called in english) in newyork

Sorry, he was a British physicist and chemist, and lived in London.  Joseph Swan was granted the first patent for an incandescent bulb in 1878.

hum yeah i was wrong... but now after some reserch it seems to me that a scott named James Bowman Lindsay inveted it....

Okay, let's just say that Edison invented a practical light bulb. 

Edison was close to 100 years late, and he reused 30-50 year old ideas.

Some little-known facts about the man:

He manufactured the first scissors in the world (although John Hancock usually gets the credit).

He named and described the element Einsteinium 500 years before its discovery.

He built the first kite and flew it with the help of his loyal assistant, Ivan Pavlov.

He was a WWII hero, losing his leg, both eyes and the tip of his nose to the Germans, yet still single-handedly winning the Bay of Pigs invasion.

He discovered America, invented electricity, named the moon and unearthed the first working oil well.

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...and thus began the perilous slide off the slippery slope of reality, blurring the edge of fancy talk and fantasy, misguiding the unforsaken youths of today.  She awoke in a cold sweat only to realize she had become what she had been tormented with all her life.  Putting together the first two pieces of knex was easy.  The next would be easier.  Time to go atomic bomb some ratings.

I have one tiny issue with that, lith. I'm pretty sure he not only won the Bay of Pigs party, but also won 2 of every nobel prize known to man and even invented a category himself.

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You might want to ask your parents to buy you a new keyboard for your computer, before you start writing your report for school.  Yours seems to have all the punctuation keys broken, the 'K' key is broken, and neither of the two shift keys work properly.

That might be why you had so much trouble finding information, that you had to come here and ask us.

Another interesting fact about Thomas Edison is he invented the Electric Chair.  He did it because he and Nicola Tesla were at odds and pushing differing Electric Generators.  Nicola Tesla had created simple, durable AC generators while Edison was building DC generators that were more complicated and tended to fail.  He built the Electic Chair to demonstrate to people the dangers of AC.  He was correct but AC generators were just superior on commercial scale so they won out despite his attempts.

*I due not guarantee the full accuracy of the above so if you are using this for a school project and want to use this try to find a good reference.  I am 99% sure this is accurate in general but you can never be sure.

Wiki. If you aren't just doing this for a school project, you should check out Nicola Tesla too. He's really quite an interesting person.