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tod group question Answered

i know ic are not allowed in tod instructables, but i have a question: what about ttl ics? they are composed of hundreds of transisotrs, so should be allowed right? awaiting a reply



hey, just found this topic! to kiteman: It's a group that I came up with to challenge people about how they think of ICs, and other electronics. For example, my instructable was a led display driver, their are ic's for that, but most people don't know how they work. As an additional challenge you are mainly only alloud to use diodes. You can use transistors, but only a couple, I prefer not to use them, but once in a rare occasion it's the only way possible (most the time a clever setup of a bunch of diodes can do the same function, just roud about). no ic's

I am puzzling over the name TOD, as in TO-Device, maybe ?

I made it up, it says in the group Tons Of Diodes Just because it can be amazing what you can do using a simple component.

Oh ok, that helps a bit LOL I remember the first "calculator" I tore apart (LED based) and it was all these diodes and almost nothing else. It would have been cool to have the schematic on that one (that was years ago though).

my math teacher went on one day about how when she was a little girl that her dad brought home (i forgot what she called it) a cube thingy that whenever you cranked it it gave out a calculation, and it was pureley mechanical.

I dunno, she was just talking about the good ol days, lol she says stuff as a matter of factly, like when we were going to have pie in school: Have you ever had real whipped cream? and people are like, from the can? and she's like, nonono, that's squirty cream, that tastes nothing like the real thing. lol

ewwwwwww. gross. how can a math teacher say that? (please tell me it was a femal teacher at least)

squirty cream LOL never heard it called that before :-) Yeah, comparing "cool whip" with whipped 'cream' is like comparing sugar with saccharine bleh I had a H.S. teacher like that, but he was different. You could get him distracted for a whole class period talking about his old college football days, before they used helmets etc. He was a riot really (the class was on Atomic energy...an elective).

my math techer is awesome (she's british) one daywhenever people got an answer wrong she started insulting them using words from shakespear plays, it was halarious, she's like you toad stump or something like that, lol.

I only remember one of my math teachers, and he was a pure unadulterated pain. The only reason he still taught was he was there so long. Obnoxious just doesn't do a good job of teaching. I kind of makes me mad that he turned me off on mathematics, and for a few years after that, I was very uncomfortable with it (I never did learn to solve quadratic equations all that well).

that sucks Our teacher says to try and not use the quadratic equation unless it's the last thing possible, always factor it.

you only found this now.dare i assume you browsed my member page?

maybe... I was looking to see if there was a "this person is on" indicator because I saw it somewhere on someone. Then I found this topic. lol

admit it, you browsed my page. i posted the who's on thread.

alright I was I was going to see if you had any instructables, but you don't

you still have that old laptop that didnt work right? because one of my instructables is on used/broken computers

okay, good. i just finished the construction phase. i just have to write the ible. heres a photo preview to give you an idea.

instructable ible 1 001.jpginstructable ible 1 002.jpg

OK, I'm confused - what is a "tod Instructable", and why can't you use an IC in it?

I am not coming up with anything either, so I re-ask Kiteman's question, what is a TOD instructable ? This hasn't anything to do with a TO-device, does it ?

okay. thank you.

. "No IC's are aloud, the only semiconductors are diodes and transistors" (my emphasis)