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top thrill dragster Answered

here is my newest roller coaster top thrill dragster I'm making it as close to the real thing as possible meaning I'm doing the theming just like the real one that includes making the supports tubular.

the test vid!!!



Do you really think he's gonna take the time to post his coaster, or that anyone has enough pieces to actually build it?

yes, people can build it.

Most of the people don't have enough tubing or green track connector things.

I don't have any K'NEX, but I would still like to know how he did it, and see a video of it running. That's an impressive build.

you really should buy even just a small set, because I am sure that kitekid 1 and 2 would be interested. (Well Im pretty sure they would)

I did get a set, but the boys' reaction was meh and then they returned to their Lego.

i used to be a lego master. i still have countless boxes of old lego parts from 2000. some of the parts i have are rare and exclusive

i was never a lego master, but i have a good amount of legos.

XD I have a huge tub full of lego. They were hand-me-down but i could sell it on ebay for about 500$

i could make 2 large-sized lego towns simultaneously. they covered half of a 10 foot table each

2000? LOL, mine are over 50 years old, from when my uncle was a kid!

awwwww, do you still have it?

There are a few bits scattered through the trunk of Lego, but most of it was slowly lost, a piece at a time.

hmm, so they are not our type, anyway, will son number 1 be allowed on Instructables next year, if he is almost 12.

Their Lego?! You only gave them one Lego?! You cheapskate! How do you play with one Lego? Do they share? Do they take turns holding it?

then tell your boys that there crazy, buy then some knex, and have them make my newest non-gun knex item! (note, i am joking, no offense to your boys, i am sure there great.)

this uses an insane amount of pieces only trainman could build this if he had the roller coaster parts.

very slightly... I don't know it took me 7 screemin serpents 1 rippin rocket 1 classic roller coaster 1 starburst spinner. probal like five other small 200 piece sets.

I am amazed, i love it!

thanks. are you one of the people that get kinda annoyed about knex guns?

I love knex, and i dont mind knex guns, i just dislike some of the knex gunners, and their attitudes.


9 years ago

I just saw this again and I have to say, I LOVE IT! It looks so realistic.

How tall is that? cause if you need ladders.........

yeah i made like one section

dude that is freakina sweet!!!!