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transfer electrecity wirelessly using electromagnetic inducton Answered

I want to transfer electercity wirelessly using induction by electromagnetism, by using two solenoides, one source and one receiver. The receiver is connected to 8 (1.5V) leds and i need to light these leds wirelessly. please provide me what type of electrecity DC or AC must i use and what are the diameter of the coil, lenght.... and all these stuff. i need to light these leds at a distance of 20 Cm between the two coils. Provide me also formulas of calculation needed for this project and thank you.Please it is urgent and i needed for my University, it is graded. please and no need for raisonance .



5 years ago

Here is a great wireless ible..



Whaa ?

The ible or the resonant technology.

I thought no one could patent after something is published ?

wireless charging. Yes, we all know about prior art, but the USPO lives in a darkened cave somewhere.

Yes ...  they are Morelocks and
their rules are swayed ( Strongly ) by politics..

BTW one of the five US Patent depositories is available at the University
in my town.


Why don't you look up inductive power transfer either as a Google search, or directly on Wikipedia? I could refer you to Google Scholar, but that requires some skill and knowledge. You might also refer to Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics if you're actually a University student.

In any event, homework is your problem, not ours. "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime."

Although I have seen inductive charging on several products I have never seen it done over more than a few millimetres.

I think:

1. Your being too ambitious with the distance you want to go with this method.

2. Your evident lack of electrical skills are going to hamper your success

3. if your time scale is that tight your not going to make it.

However I will do some of your research for you:





it's up to you to read through this and try to get something working. After all it's your degree.

You are an engineering student who expects their PROJECT to be done for them, and you have NO idea about electromagnetism ?

We don't cheat people's assessments for them.