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trying to make a snes controller work with gamecube Answered

im trying to get a snes controller to work with a gamecube plug on a wii i bought the controller and cord but dont have them yet
i have the pinouts but im not sure if just connecting those will be all that i need???any suggestions,comments,or info will be helpful.

here are the links to the pinouts

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WhatULive4 (author)2012-05-01

SNES controllers are totally different than GC and a simple pin swap doesn't work. The easy way would be to buy an adapter from RetroUSB.  

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WhatULive4 (author)WhatULive42012-05-01

There are also open source stuff if you have the tools/understanding to make your own stuff.  https://gitorious.org/wii-retropad-adapter/wii-retropad-adapter/trees/master

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