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turbo two stroke? Answered

how would you put a turbo on a two stroke? what i want to do is a strictly electric driven one rather than exhast driven because i dont want to have to deal with all the small stuff and the engine is only 25cc if i cant do it do you have any suggestions on how to up  the hp?


Supercharging a typical two stroke doesn't work very well unless you redesign the engine.

The reason for this is when the engine has the intake open it also has the exhaust open. So if you pressurize the intake it just blows out the exhaust.

A tuned pipe system works by setting up a resonance where there is a pressure wave of compressed mixture that is captured in the chamber. The timing is very critical. Tuned pipes typically have a very narrow high power band. If out of that rpm range the power is normal or slightly less.

To be a bit picky: the crankcase inlet valve(s) is shut when the charge phase occurs. Supercharging on the other side would only increase crankcase pressure, which would scavenge better but waste fuel.


.  A tuned exhaust would give the biggest bang for the buck and be much easier to implement.

.  What you are saying is "turbocharger" (AKA turbosupercharger). What you are actually talking about is a mechanical drive "supercharger".
.  The pump is pretty easy - a centrifugal fan/pump with enough volume will do the job. It's the controls that get very complicated. As rickharris notes, this is probably out of the scope of most DIYers' resources.

This may well be beyond your capability - And most certainly isn't something that can be answered quickly ir easily in just a few words.