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uhhhhh....... HOLY footballstoner(?)!!!!! Answered

okay. i just got back from a vacation yesterday, and u will NEVER beleive what happened to me. so, here i am, hiking, minding my own business. when suddenly, a gray wolf, TACKLED ME! but, it never attacked me!!! instead, it stared into my eyes, and after what seemed like forever, but was only 1 minute, it got off me, gestured to me with its head. it led me to an odd cave. in it, i saw a large patch of light... and i figured "eh, what the hell's the worst that can happen?", so i stepped into it, with the wolf beside me. then, well even though u guys aremt gonna believe me, i saw something. i saw me, a long time from now, living with pet wolves. and i was actually happy. then after that i was back home. odd, idnit??


Next time lay off the acid.

There have been some corrosive comments on this topic...


"Acid" being a slang term for LSD, the puns are based on acids and bases, etc.

Yes I've had some truly super times with acid, but wolves never came into it. Non-existent bagpipes yes...


Do you happen to know why bagpipes?
(I'm assuming no)

I guess there's some similar frequencies in the noise generated by tyres on a fast road at speed?


 I would assume it has something to do with this awesome handlebar and chin puff.


if you're not part of the solution you're part of the precipitate.

 Acid is a form of drug also known as LSD.  It is known for the "trippy" effect it causes on people, usually resulting in hallucinations.

Also "acid" can be affixed to any chemical compound that has a pH less than seven.

But in this case, I believe Lithium Rain was referring to the former, not the latter.