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unable to send commands to Roomba560 using 'Realterm' terminal program? Answered

Hi, I am doing my academic project using Roomba560. I have a Roostick to connect the Roomba to desktop system. I have downloaded the Realterm terminal program to send commands to Roomba.What ever command (eg 152 5 137 1 44 128 0 to drive 300mm/s straight) i gave the roomba , it is just start cleaning. i couldn't figure out what the problem is with roomba or Realterm. could any one please suggest a solution to my problem and also are they any terminal programs that you could suggest to send commands and control roomba.


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RobotDeveloper (author)2012-06-03

Hey there.

The problem is with the baud rate. Whenever you send commands in the wrong baud rate to Roomba - it interpert it as "start cleaning" command.

Check out this guide for complete explamations about how to connect to Roomba using the correct baud rate. (connection speed):


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steveastrouk (author)2009-07-07

How have you confirmed that the unit is passing SCI out to the Roomba ? Steve

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