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unpublished but too old for competition, what?? Answered

iv been working on this instructable, trying to get the instructions just right,as it has been a complicated build and harder to explain.
then i spot the lomography competition,and i think perfect, i try to enter it, to my great disappointment ,but im told its out side of the creation date range, i would have thought it would have been the published date that was important.is this a glitch?.
any thoughts anybody.


No it goes by creation date. Unpublish the current version and start a new instructable and recreate it there.

i was wondering about the ethics of it, and the messing about involved

oh and i never published it :-)

Could you try publishing it first, then go to the Lomography Contest page and click Enter this Contest and add it to the contest. Right now it has no publish date and shouldn't get one until it is actually published. Once you publish it you should be able to enter it. Can you let me know if that works?

i could give it a go, but having effectivly the same thing in the competition twice would be weird, it would be good to try while someones in the office, to tidy up my mess :-)

If you haven't published it yet then how have you submitted it into a contest? If you've already submitted it then wait and see if it's been accepted or not. If not then rebuild it and try again.

on the publish screen it has check boxes next to the competitions , as soon as i clicked a popup message about the creation date is blah and the competition date is blah and you have blah days to enter

Just the one published is fine :) If you are ever curious, look at the Full Preview of your project. If under Posted: on the right site it says something like (date) then it has not been published yet.

ahh, 2 and a half hours later and iv re assembled it into another instructable ,
wasnt sure if id get slapped wrists about it, but did it anyway(its kinda the theme of my life at the moment )
im keen for someone at lomo to see my stuff.

Wait you haven't published it. Then the date you see isn't relevant to the contest. Like you said it sometimes takes quite a while to complete an instructable. The contest will only be looking at the published date. So publish it and enter it.