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usb charger that gets power from a 12v battery of a car or truck? Answered

I would like to know the components i would need to make a portable usb charger.now the battery would be off of a 12v car or truck battery that will be constantly charging  by the alternator(i drive a forklift all night).i would like to be able to charge my phone and my hmdx speaker or any other usb device.i would like to fit it all in an altoids can if possible.Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


I highly recommend you use something like this:

Put a big electrolytic capacitor on the input.


Thanks steve will look into it to see how i can mamage. ive been stuck researching other videos but havent found someone who has done it.im afraid to burn something or short something out either on the phone speaker or the forklifts charging system.

Do you have a "cigarette lighter" socket on a forklift ?
The standard plugs for those sockets are internally fused.


no the forklift has nothing.the only place i can get power from would be directly from the battery.

Make sure you put a good fuse in-line with the input from the battery, and you'll be fine. You can put a series diode in too, so you can't get the connection wrong....

I'd put an LED on the front end too, to know the power is on.

thank you so very much sir.i appreciate all the help