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usb part acer emachines identity? Answered

can someone help identify usb jack from Emachines DA0ZRCTB6B0 usb board its unusual usb jack cant idenify it, please help?

in addition if anyone can find a DA0ZRCTB6B0 usb board on the web for sale (ship to aussie) be a big help, seems could only get one real result on google search.


If im not mistaken could be "USB Type-A Low Profile". saw this pic in ebay.

details are vague
Manufacturer: OEM Tyco
Connector Type: Female Horizontal Type A Reverse
Mounting Angle: Right Angle, 90 Degree
Current Rating: 1.5A Max Industry Approved Standard: USB 2.0
Housing: Thermo Plastic
Reverse/Offset (Plastic Tongue/Contacts Reversed )
PCB Mounting Position: Low Profile, Recessed Middle, Mount

still trying to find a absolute name for it though.


If you have an unused 3.5 inch or 5.25 inch
bay on the computer, you can add usb to those bays.
Search EBAY for "usb front port"
or "usb front panel"

Make sure you get USB 2.0 if you have an older

sorry i didnt put its a acer emachines laptop this board comes out of can't use what you suggested sorry for mixup.

you'll see that the usb jack meets halfway on the pcb instead of on top the 2 pics above are the top and bottom of the same board.