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useing 5050 smd leds strip style for shrimp lights, if i add a driver and heatsink will i get more light from my leds? Answered




Best Answer 5 years ago

A heatsink will let you run a little more current through your LED and
maintain the required temperature limit by Sinking the Heat away
away from the LED..
But you will have to consult your LED spec curves to see if it will
increase the light ( brightness intensity ) or start to damage.

Do keep in mind the marking of best answer and our eyes being logarithmic to changes in light.


what about a driver, wil that help when a battery runs low or the voltage drops?

There is a driver that can compensate for voltage droop, bit more expensive.
Each two LEDs in series get a constant current driver which adjusts
to any voltage fluctuation and keeps the same intensity.

Unless the leds are under another control...

You can't heatsink LEDS in a plastic tube, you're limited by the tube itself.

How long are the wires to the LEDs ? How much current and voltage do the LEDs need ?

Do they have a current limiting resistor in the strings ?


the wires are 25 foot. I dont know the answer to to the other question

Ideally then, you need to be able to bring another pair of wires BACK from the strip, right from the strip itself. Then I can show you a simple circuit that could help, if you can get, say 24V ready.

Are you immersing these LEDs ?