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variability of MM? Answered

I did the paper resistor with a paper clip in the center, the readings
fluctuated wildly--from 181 to 199, and then it would go down to 1.0 and
again. Why could this be? But I did get the changes by moving the
center paper clpi. In fact my multimeter fluctuates a lot anyway.

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randofoBest Answer (author)2017-07-28

It could be the meter, the contact between the probe and the potentiometer, or just the fact that drawing a resistor onto a piece of paper like that is not that accurate.

Electricity will follow the path of least resistance, and it is possible that a hand drawn resistor has multiple possible paths of resistance which fluctuate due to all kinds of microscopic differences in the drawing you can't see.

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paulhschulman (author)randofo2017-07-29

Thanks for responding so quickly. I'll check this out. I hoped to learn from the project but they are not here. You direct us to a whole list of projects but I can't tell which are relevant to resistors

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