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variable output dc water pump for a wind generator Answered

I'm interested in figuring out how to direct the energy produced by a wind turbine into a water pump. My goal is to pump water from a river to the top of a hill into a pond. then slowly release it through a variable water turbine so that the pond serves as a battery. i've seen pumps that work with the power take off(PTO) of a tractor that could be retrofitted if i had the right dc motor. i need to figure out what motor might work and what type of contolling i would need. also would it be better to use several smaller units that engage one at a time as the power input increases to keep the pumps closer to thier ideal operating range? The (PTO)water pump i saw operates between 17-23 hp or 20kw or less, which is perfect because the turbine is 20kw. the other thing is what if the pump operation starts at 17hp(?) then most of the power would need to be directed somewhere when producing less. maybe a series of different sized pumps and a controller to determine which pump(s) to engage to get the most water pumped.


1) as far as a motor goes, im not sure what you can use. maybe a starter motor from a car? 2) the best thing of dc is its easy to control speed; simply install a potentiometer on the positive side before the motor.

2; potentiometers overheat VERY easily, you can blow out a Pot with two pc fans connected in parallel

ok, what i would do is; Put a diode on the wind turbine, so that it only lets power out, not in put another diode on the pump for power out connect the windmill+diode to the water pump so that when the windmill spins, it generates power, pumping water into the pond, when the windmill isn't spinning, you could get power from the water flowing through the water turbine


9 years ago

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. Sounds a little too complicated to me. Why not just direct-drive the pump with the wind turbine and dump any excess water back to the river?

that would be a good way to do it. it might be more efficient because it would not suffer the electrical loss. Unfortunately the best site for the wind is 1500 feet away from the river.

. That would make DD a bit difficult, wouldn't it? ;) . I still wouldn't worry too much about regulating things. Just let the windmill/generator/pump do it's thing and dump any excess water back into the river. A level switch in the pond and an electrically operated valve should do the trick. Or just kill the motor when the level switch says the pond is full. Depends on if you need to keep a load on the windmill.

If it works on timing, bring up, release it would be half the amount to have one motor/generator and turbine, or if that is no use you could use a larger turbine in the actual rive to power a pump, thus engery for free from a pond battery, even though you could go direct from teh river, I suspect you want pond anyway...