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vegan substitutes? Answered

Dear Jen World,
since 4 years now our family decided do eat
vegan, at least when eating at home. We learned and know lots of jummy
recipies also when it comes to baking. Still sometimes it's interesting
to enlarge our knowledge and we try to convert non-vegan recipes into
vegan ones. Can you refer to a good list of general substitutes for
eggs, milk, butter, chees, cream etc. so we can compare it whit ours?

Forthermore i am very curious in taking this course since i have a degree in process engineering and love cooking and baking.

Thanks for sharing!


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wold630Best Answer (author)2017-02-17

Some easy vegan substitutes are:

chia or flax eggs, blended tofu —> for eggs

almond milk, soy milk, oat milk —> for milk

coconut oil, olive oil, vegan shortening —> for butter

coconut cream, coconut milk, soaked and blended cashews —> for cream

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