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vehicle plastic bumper repair? Answered

Much needed good knowledge reaped here. Specifically, what I need is to repair Nissan small truck plastic front bumper that got a bit ripped and a few holes in it when my license plate got ripped off pushing someone out of snow bank. Please, what glue could you recommend? I think the epoxy resin might be too rigid? The hot glue stick I am not sure would take any abuse or perhaps wet mucky weather. The E6000 does not specifically list vehicle plastic exterior parts repair. I've thought that I might be able to fit a section of pvc pipe under the plastic as there is a bit of space between the plastic and some hard metal frame. What glue? Thank you.

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audreyobscuraBest Answer (author)2017-02-24

Bondo has you covered. I've had to use this glue when I accidentally grazed a piece of rebar hidden under snow in my truck. Backing it with another plastic piece isn't a bad idea. If you need to bond to metal and plastic, check out JB weld - they make different kinds of epoxy with different flexibility ratings. Best of luck!

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