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vibrating box needs led! (help me) Answered

so after gaining inspiration from the bristle bot i made my own thing which is just a 9volt battery a switch and a motor, So far it has been really quite amusing. But I think it could use a little bit of improvement. First off would I need a resistor? And if i wanted to add an LED how would i find out what resistor to use. I got a pack of 20 random mixed ones off electric goldmine so i would want to attach one of those. Help!?


Ok so Im almost ready to buy my resistor, The website I ordered it off of says "Crystal clean giant 10mm LED flashes brightly from a built in IC. Operate from 3VDC or can be used with a 9V battery if you connect an 82Ω resistor in series with one of the leads. At 3VDC the flash rate is about 2X per second." So i need a 82 ohm resistor, but what watt?

First off, are you familiar with the color coding on the side of the resistors?

would the motor need a resistor too? and if i installed resistors for the led and motor would it be slower and less vibrate ?

gah, im working with a mystery part considering i took it out of a old video game controller

Nothing stamped on it anywhere, concerning power or voltage... I suppose it is a DC motor.

nothing stamped on it, say i look at the pcb of the controller and traced the path and saw what resistor it used then found out how much power the controller uses

blah i traced one of the wires back to a yellow wire at the end and it passes though a blob of solder called "r3" (resistor?) and the other wire goes through a smaller blob of solder called c3, and then it splits, one printed wire thing goes through a diode and into what looks like a transistor and splits off 2 more times, but the other trace goes back to the first wire i traced

Well, r3 might be a covered sm resistor, or a place they could put one for whatever else they use this board configuration for (in other words, the resistor may be AWOL). Same with the c3, capacitor. A capacitor isn't really very useful in most DC units unless this generates pulses for some reason *shrug*

well, buzzybox caught my science teachers attention, and we are adding a 10mm Red blinking LED, and a small recording module to put inside to make it even more annoying


10 years ago

Just an idea - Since you have a vibrating box anyway, why not mount each LEDs at the end of a long stalk, so they can vibrate/sway along with the rest of the box. Even better (maybe): get a piece of fiber optic cable, or one of those cheesy yet oh-so-cool fiber optic lamps, and cover the lid of your bristlebots with tufts of fiber optic "fur", lit by some LEDs inside the box.

my god... you are a genius, i need fake green fur to cover it in too