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video game controller for a micro usb cellphone (droid) Answered

Hey guys! I have a Motorola Droid and I love all the games people are developing, but the controls are TERRIBLE! so I was thinking "I wonder if I could mod a controller with joysticks (Playstation or something) to work with my Droid?!?" Im aware that it would also require some kind of software but I just cant shake the idea that it would be AWSOME.

Anyone seen anything like this or have any pointers for where I could get started?

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PKM (author)2010-05-14

Someone has recently interfaced a Wii controller with an Android phone, (video) and the driver they used to do it seems to have been released so others can presumably start hacking on it, apply it to other games etc.  You don't see the Wii accelerometer orientation being used in the video but I'm sure it's accessible, and even without that it's an easily accessible gamepad for simple games running under emulators or whatever.

I believe you can download that demo and use it to connect to a Wii controller, and if it works as an input method you might even be able to use it with games you have right now.  I think I might download a NES emulator or similar and see if it works on my Pulse.

I thought most games for Android were specifically intended to use the touch screen as part of their interface? Certainly most of the ones I have do (but I don't have many).

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Kobravenom (author)2010-05-14

Look up "Game Grip"

its AWESOME! I saw the vid earlier today and bought one within 20 seconds of the video

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