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visiting instructables Answered

esterday I got a tour of instructables and all I can say is that it was awesome!
we arrived at auto desk and signed in and aleator777 gave us a tour of instructables/the workshop.  Aleator777 was the nicest person ever!  In the workshop there were cnc machines, laser cutters and 3D printers galore. There was also a kitchen and a sewing room. I got a peek at mikeasuarus and Tinaciousz's upcoming instructables! 

All I can say is that it was amazing!


So, when do you start as an AiR?

My guess is that you are a little too young, just because of safety regulations. But that would depend partially on what you do and having someone there to monitor you might be enough to make it okay. I don't know. You should go for it if you can. It would be an awesome opportunity.

Oh, never mind. I just read the rest of the way down the comments and saw that you found out the minimum age. I'm surprised it's 18, I thought it would be more like 16.

16? 18? 21?

I don't know, I was past caring about qualifying ages by about a quarter of a century when I went...

(Does the link not say?)

no it doesn't but when I went I was just barely the age to be let in the workshop

You were an AiR?

Yes, the summer before they moved to Pier 9 - most people worked around just two large tables, plus a few desks for computers. The workshop was tiny, and not so well-equipped - just a few hand power tools, a mitre saw, and a clunky laser cutter. There were a couple of small 3d printers, but I never got as far as using them.

was that in the naval base? I was watchinga mythbusters rerun last night and the control tower was in the background!

No, it was on Second Street, off Market Street, about 10-15 minutes walk from Pier 9, upstairs beside a burito place.

Godzilla stepped over it...

(If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? It's not on your profile. PM if you like.)

so that is why Google street view showed that place!

So what instructables did you make?

Not many, to be honest - my personal favourite was an acrylic maze, designed by hand, drawn up in Corel, and cut by laser (my first proper laser-cut project).

Nice! No pictures or it didn't happen.

remember the order of the planets too!


remember the colors of the spectrum too!

Roy G. Biv, it's spelled out for you in black and white.