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wall water fountain Answered

I would like to make a fountain that about 2 ft wide and would be almost ceiling height. I saw one on a web site for over 36,0000. which I could never afford in my lifetime if I want to continue to eat. It looks like it is raining behind a glass or clear plastic wall. I have seen them with glass bead inbeded into something and then water washes over them. How would I do something like this ? Thank you Karen



10 years ago

I don't know how easy this would be, but I think that it's doable. What you would need to do is purchase some large panes of glass, plastic, etc. to contain your waterfall. Then probably a waterfall pump to move all of the water that falls to the bottom of the waterfall back up to the top again. Here's a pump that might work.

Any other questions?

Thank you. I looked at the pump and also some plexi glass. I am going to draw up plans and see what happens. If I can get it together I will post it. Karen

Cool. I bet it turns out really well.