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want help with a possible future steampunk instructible Answered

okay, so i want to make a steampunk contraption.  at first it was going to be a spring loaded gun like the derringer thing in sherlock holmes but with a huge gun (i actually have feasible plans in my head for that one.)  but it drifted off to make an even bigger gun.   i thought, and came up with an awesome idea.

a retractable Gatling gun arm.  the gun will move forward, and backward, and will spin around. i made a 3d example to show what i mean, if i can figure out how to post it.

and if that's the wrong code:

what do you think?  any suggestions, questions, ect?


well, any ideas? i think i have it mostly figured out, except for how to get it to move forward and backward. i need some thing that will move it all the way out of my sleeve and all the way back, but fit within the confines of the devise.

i'm thinking some sort of chain/belt drive attached to the second ring. if the belt moves one way, the ring is pulled forward. if it moves the other, it moves backward.....

any better ideas?

this was another idea. us a scissor arm thing

here's a lamp with the arm thing. i would use a small actuator or something to pinch the end pieces together, extending the arm.

okay, here's a diagram. just to dispell your doubts because of the 3d, i designed this all in my head first, then drew it out on paper, then did the 3d to show it to others.

okay, basically, the second and third disks are bearings. the inside piece of the bearing is attatched to the big rails (those mentioned first in the movie)

the second disk is free to move along the rails. the third is firmly attached, and doesnt move (well, the inside ring doesn't.

the motors were originally going to be behind disk 3 but i couldn't fit them between my arm and the barrels, so i decided to make them sit behind disk 2, which actually simplifies the drive system. i'll have to have a long piece of wire to power the motors when the gun is extended, but i can deal with that.

the back of disk 2 will have several rods parallel to the rails, the motors have a gear that will turn the outer ring of disk 2, useing the rods.

the secondary set of rails is attached to disks 2 and 4, and pass through disk 3. disk 3 slides on these rails like disk 2 does for the first set. this helps keep the barrels alined, and adds some strength, though the copper barrels will provide more than enough of that.

on a side note, the metal bits will probably be copper, or atleast copper colored, and the disks will be made of a hard, and pollished wood, both for aesthetics and because i don't have a precicion lathe to make bearings big enough.

gun arm diagram.pnggun gear.png

On a side note, it looks to me like the embedding problem is at Photobucket's end, not yours, and not Instructables.

The XML should consist of an OBJECT container with size arguments, enclosing an EMBED container referencing the remote video. That EMBED container must have both the opening and closing tag. The OBJECT container should also have a set of PARAM tags (with closings) one for each of the attributes of the EMBED. You can see this structure with the XML you get from YouTube, for example.

Photobucket is only providing the EMBED tag, without a closing and without the OBJECT wrapper. I tried mangling the code myself, but it didn't work (which may be my error, rather than something fundamental).

k, the movie decides not to work..... so i make a new one and load it onto instructibles. here you go.

Three issues: First, Instructables doesn't use BBcode markup. You need to use the "Rich Editor" interface with the little icons. Second, Instructables does not host video directly. You can add video to your postings by copying the "embed code" (XML) from a video hosting site such as YouTube. Third, WMV is a proprietary format of Microsoft, and is not guaranteed to be viewable by all users.

i hosted the video at photobucket but when i tried to embed it didn't work. and if they don't host videos at instructibles, why can i add a video to my image library?

and i can't do anything about the WMV. microsoft cursed their new Windows live movie maker. it only saves in wmv. so i'm sunk, unless i can figure out how to add all my videos together in blender then add captions.

any suggestions about the devices? or are you one of those users.

i'll try and make some renders, and post those.

It's saved as a file, not as a click-and-play video.

There are some issues with embedding at the moment, so maybe just post a link to the video on photobucket?

Nice drawings, but the captions are way too quick. I'm an extremely fast reader, and I didn't get to the end of any of the text blocks before they disappeared.

It looks like a very interesting, and fairly complex, project to undertake. I'm not quite convinced that it will work the way you've drawn it (one of the perils of any of these 3D rendering systems is that you can draw stuff which can't actually work because of physical limitations). However, that's all the more reason to actually try!

sorry. i'm a bad judge of speed when dealing with 3d. i even set the frame rate from 25 to 15, to slow it down. i figured the pause button was going to be essential.

..... the computer world hates me. the video wont load! i'll try makeing a smaller vid, maybe that will work.

why can't i edit my previous posts?

The video is playing for me, but it's pretty slow and took a long time to start.

:-) You can't edit posts because the software Instructables uses, as well as their policy decision around their forums, doesn't include that feature.

I'm one of the users :-) I suspect that staff is pretty minimal this week, as you can imagine.

You can upload any arbitrary file to your image library (inlcuding text, PDF, whatever). What you won't get is "streaming video." In order to view your file, users will have to download it to their local machine, and will need to have a compatible player installed to view it.

Isn't Microsoft wonderful? My comment about WMV format wasn't meant to be critical. It applies to any specific format you might have chosen as a file upload. That's one of the great things which the big video streaming sites have done -- they (plus Adobe :-) have eliminated the need for end users to know about video formats or have external software to handle them.

You should have been able to use the embed code from Photobucket to include the video in your topic text. What happened when you tried? Did you see a red box with "FLASH" in the middle in your editor window? Did you get an error message?

I did see a comment recently from Fungus Amungus (one of I'bles Staff) that embedding Vimeo seems to have problems with Instructables' backend scripts, but I don't know any details. If you can clearly describe what you tried, and what the result was, it would be great to post a bug report. Be sure to also include what browser and version you're using, and your operating system.

if you look at my first post, i tried twice, once with the html code and once with the img code. the html code showed the flash icon before i posted. after, zip.

i knew wmv was propietary, but there's not much i can do about it, like i said.

oh, and i'm useing the newest firefox on windows 7