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want to make Clicker my self, with a piece of tin.but, dont knw the how to. be kind to guide Answered

hi mates, well, for the purpose of training my tiels, i want to get the clicker device. unfortunately it is not available in my area.but, i had experienced before few years.and know that, it is so simple to make ourself.but dont knw the proper procedures. be kind to help to make a clicker my self. and sure that, will get guided by some one here.coz, that much experts are here. thanking you in advance


well.. another thing is.. u could ALWAys try using a pen.. the one that clicks.. juts get a short small pet and click.. i've been searching everywhere for the clicker near my area but i cant find it.. so im going to try the pen .. my dog is comming in 5days so i'll see how it goes :)

Here are a few pictures.....from Google Images:

In the second image, we have a case that is hollowed out, and a snap similar to a clothes line snap, that one would press and then release for the click. That could work, but it would be less loud and certainly a little harder to work (backwards).


. The ones I've seen look as if they could be reproduced by laying a strip of metal on a piece of soft wood and "embossing" it with a piece of tubing so that there is a slight bend when you're done. Mount one end of the strip so the the bend is up. Press. . You may be able to find clickers at a party supplies store. They usually don't last long, but they're cheap. . Or just cluck your tongue. As long as you are using the same reinforcement each time, it doesn't really matter what it sounds like. It's just a signal to the dog that he/she did well.

hi NachoMahma, thanking you very much for reply. well, could u or any other, be kind to provide a pictured guidance. thanking you again and looking to get

. I'm not much of an artist. :( Try searching for "clicker" and/or "cricket"

mmm, have googled for clicker and tik tak. but, got only the add or this smal device. well, that "CRICKET" ?? means????

. Cricket is another name for the "toy" clicker you are looking for.