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want to make wyborne helmet from movie Coraline, how? Answered

I want to make the helmet as much like it as possible. and maybe the bike 2


The mask is just a welder's mask with a turret lens assembly and a skull paint job. The welder's mask can be found at Home Depot, Harbor Freight, or occasionally even Goodwill (or similar places if you're outside the US).
You might find a turret lens on an old-style movie camera or microscope, but most likely you'll need to make one. The plumbing section at the aforementioned Home Depot would be a great place to get the parts. Plumbing fittings epoxied to a jar lid and painted appropriately would be a good start. You could also use pieces of kid's toy telescopes or binoculars. Then just paint the skull pattern on the mask, add Green LED's inside the lenses for the finishing touch, and attach the lens turret to the mask with epoxy or Velcro of whatever you prefer.

Sorry, not much idea on the bike, other than to find a bike that looks basically right and attach bits to it. I think the toughest part would be the wheels, which you might be able to fake using "hubcaps" made from plastic. Maybe like the guy in this video does it:

You could use the same plastic for modifying the body shape, too. The rest would be finding horns, handlebars, and other decorative bits to mount on the bike.

TTTTTTHHHHHAAANNNKKKK YYYYOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been wondering how i was gonna do that.

You're welcome. Be sure to take pictures and post an instructable or a slideshow when you're done.