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wanted ideas For m........ Answered

i need ideas to make 1800 dollars by April so hit me up with some ideas and PS babysitting does not work or car washes


Finish your profile knowing where you live can help create ideas

Collect Scrap: don’t steal it there are tones all over the place and it cleans the environment.

Take a magnet out with you every day and collect aluminum copper brass, on a good day you can get over $4, oo a lb. That is 500 lbs. to reach your goal.

Scrap Aluminum old pots and pans, pop cans even aluminum foil can get $0, 35 a lb.

Extruded Aluminum can fetch over a dollar a pound.

Cast aluminum from old barbeques can get you $10, oo. remember the controls are brass so strip and clean. Brass can get over $1,oo a lb.

Collect Beer cans and bottles people throw from their cars as they go down the road.

Steel and iron is too heavy if you don’t have a vehicle.

Circuit boards are gold for real there is gold in them there boards.

Some places take plastic paper and glass.

I made for times my rent each month just taking small appliances and other things out of the garbage taking them home repairing them and selling them to second hand stores.

I see hundreds of old books out to the garbage they have a second hand book value.

I made $11,000.oo on a first addition book of poetry By Edgar Allen Poe someone threw in the garbage because it was badly damaged. That is called poor condition but still marketable.

There is money in them there garbage cans.


Learn your scrap and your scrap buyers scrapers tend to specialize take what they don’t.
Not knowing where you live there are bounties on some invasive species become a bounty hunter.

allso i can hull 500ibs in my trailer and i can do that for 50 mills so hulling weght not my problum to do this the only thing is the other scrapers

Some options w/ no real upfront costs, except time:
- Check out fiverr, tenrr and sites like those - come up with a variety of quick things that you could do a lot of each day and would fit those sites
- Check out sites like 99Designs and see if it would be worth taking up the bids on an projects - If the artwork or other type of work is a style you are familiar with, making a couple hundred on a bid can be quick.
- Create a character or style or two and spend a few days making properties with that. Sell them through marketplaces like iPhoto - a few cents to a few dollars per downloads adds up - also, if you can come up with something funny or the type of thing ppl search for a lot, put your designs to a variety of merchandise in places like Zazzle
- You mentioned an online business - Google adwords runs frequent "$100 free" type promos for new accts - if you have a good site set up, maybe take advantage of such and get the word out about your business
- Check out Craigslist's gigs section - Wide variety of ads for gigs that pay $100 for one off, fairly simple opportunities
- If you have a common need skill set like basic light wiring or basic web page making, put together a flyer with flat fees for very specific workloads (and be very specific or you run the risk of people taking advantage of your time) and take them around to small businesses in your area - both for them and to see if they might post them somewhere
- etc. : - )

best of luck!

To do money, the worst idea is to work.

This is always fun.


Have a look on ebay and tick the most bids box and you can see what is in high demand or easy to sell. Then keep your eyes open for those items. I just found some old school maps that the library was throwing out, and they sold on ebay for $350.

Get a proper job, save your money.
Sell your car.
Rent out a room.
Win the lottery.

If you're a minor, forget it, unless you have a unique skill you can sell for $25 a day, every day, between now and April.

i am a minor thank you for your negativity on that.... but i guess i am good at woodworking cant tell for my self.and i all so need ideas for my online store.

Sell a kidney, a part of your liver?