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wat if u mess up on the first kiss with somebody? Answered



Girls tend to judge a guy by the first Kiss @ this point you might be domed but if they're the person that's right for you explain it's the only thing you can do.

There are children starving all over the world, soldiers are being killed in foreign wars, some one is dying in a hospital bed right this minute- put it in perspective my young friend and get on with living your life. If the one you wish to kiss wishes to kiss you, get busy working out the details!

You're doomed. Doomed!

They might hate you forever. They might be reminded that you are human - and make mistakes. ...I recommend 'go for it' - and ask after...

Depends on what you mean by "mess up". If you mean the kiss was awkward, the only answer to that is practice. If you mean the kiss was unwanted, apologize, back off to just-friends distance, wait for a better time or a different person, and next time approach slowly enough that you can be warned off before you cross the line.


9 years ago

Just tell them you would like to try, try, TRY,-again! Personality also reflects on intelligence I see.

Assuming your intelligence reflects on your personality, hide in a hole forever. *you spelled what and you wrong*