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water rockets Answered

would anybody like me to post a Instructable showing how to make a clark cable tie water rocket launcher look at this image for a example;


it works for my school project!!!!!!!!!! =)


10 years ago

heh. I ended up just making one of those; part of an unsuccessful attempt to get my daughter to use rocket propulsion for her school physics project :-( Mine is "typically minimalist", using cardboard in places where others have used PVC, and using a slot filed in a sched-80 PVC pipe to seat the O-ring.

cable-tie launcher.jpg

thanks for the pic ow everyone will know wat im talking about ps nice launcher are you using a bike pump to power it? i will probably put a air line quick connect on it for quicker filling if my dad gets a compressor

Yep; that's the bike pump on the bottom. Compressors make me nervous; too easy to turn up the pressure a bit to high. And in this case, the while thing needed to be buildable by n 8th grader and used at school (and I was planning on sticking with air as the reaction mass.)

i have seen those before but never made one. i have a question... how exactly do you get the bottle off of it? i know how it holds it on, but how do you disconnect the bottle when your done and make it launch? bah, bad wording, i cant come up with any better way to say it, sorry about that. i hope it makes sense.

You pull the "launch" tube (in this case brown cardboard) tube downward to the position shown in the photo, at which point the springiness of the cableties and the collar underneath them (whitecardboard!) causes the edges to spring outward (to about the position they're in in the photo.) At that point, the internal air pressure pushes the bottle off the guide tube (gray plastic.)

makes perfect sense now. thanks.

I've just completed a launcher for the back-yard test range. It provides a fitting for the garden hose and bicycle pump. You just plug the rocket into the top, turn a valve to fill the bottle, then pump and release!

See: my Launcher

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Very nice. A parachute and everything! How did you manage to miss all those trees?!

Amazing luck is the only explanation. We quit after the second flight knowing we were beyond any likely success. Next we'll take it to the local park and use 100 psi!

yes it is the one that uses cable ties as teeth i haven't made one yet but know exactly how to and have made one or 2 launchers which didn't work because i didn't have a screw in schrader valeve which i am going to get from uksgc (uk spud gun community). i will post a link here ;

(i know this is contradicting myself by showing you how to build one but it has lots of pics)

well..... i haven't made one but have a great plan of making one im poor at the moment but am going to work get a bit of money but i post a pic of a example if you would like one!

It would be nice to see the pic if you would, thanks.

(Your picture's missing.) Is this the launcher that uses cable ties as "teeth" to lock the bottle in place? Yes, please.