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wats the best trick for a beginner for a pintail longboard? Answered

        I am not a complete beginner ive been longoarding for a couple of months now so i know the basics.heres the stock photo:


niiiice board where did ya get it ollies are good for beginners manual,board walk,

i have been looking for a pintail forever i live in texas so it is ideal

well i love it........ i can do anything ive tried on it ,,witch isnt much,,

well try those trix i told you you should be able to find demos on youtube

ollie-wise those  are not only hard period but also the board is pretty heavy so it would be almost impossible plus my tail chips easily


8 years ago

 Niceeee! I got a crown for $3 down the street from my house, but the front truck is at  a weird angle, so it doesn't get used all that often...

Kickflips are all that come to me, unless you're thinking about going dow a ramp and flying across a poll and bailing off mid-flight while your board lands safely on the other side...

actually I got the lbl old skool dancer for x-mas and i'm way better now but thanks anyway :-)