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web cam to the T.V. Answered

hey ive been trying to hook up a web cam to the T.V.(later to a monitor) and i dont know where the wires go to. ive been trying to figure it out by what i know already but its no good and do i need anything else?what do they go to?



Here is your list of what ()?
>web cam
>Computer that the web-cam should be plugged into.


i have all of that what does that have to do with my question. p.s. why did you put L hmm....

Please tell us about the equipment, otherwise it's hard to answer the question.


More than likely, you need to hook up the web cam to a computer, hook the computer to the tv, and just view the cam with a program that will go full screen.

so thats the only way how then. i got the idea from the movie 'band camp' that one nerdy lookin kid had a robot with 2 web cams for eyes,pretty cool if you ask me. i noticed that it has a copper wire and also an aluminum wire mesh that you can find by cutting open the cable behind your tv set that hooks up to the dvr. i figured two and two go together but havent really tryed it (been busy making my real life rcxd) tell me what you think bout the wires idea.

Here's the problem: a web cam sends a digital signal. You need an analog signal for most inputs on a tv, and the inputs on a tv that are digital would have a different protocol than your web cam. Web cams just aren't made to do that. You have to remember that it wouldn't even work on your computer without a driver to interpret the signal coming from the camera.

Unless you could find an adapter of some sorts, then I don't think what you are trying to do is possible.