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web cam Answered

i have a web cam which i would like to be able to plug it in to a tv through the yellow video in connector. how could i do this. do i have to build a converter. i would have to power the camera with a 9 volt battery.

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forgesmith (author)2008-07-19

USB web cam has a digital output, to go to the plain video in it'll need converting to analog. Which will take a computer, with a video card that has TV out. This card is $20 + S&H from Newegg, will work in an old PC with an AGP slot, in the product images you'll notice an adapter to change the card's S-video output to composite output which is what you want. Call up the webcam image, go fullscreen (if possible), done. Search the cheap cards, there are PCI-Express ones with TV-out as well.

Now refer to this Newegg search. If your computer already has S-video output you can buy an adapter (as mentioned above) for $4 to 8.

After that, well, I just can't find a stand-alone solution, no PC required. If there was one, seems guaranteed it'll cost more than this card plus a PC people will give away. The usual "solution" for TV out from something that's a webcam is to just buy a digital camcorder with TV and computer outputs.

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Lithium Rain (author)2008-07-18

Um. Let me think...splice a video in cable to your web cam cord?

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