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website hijacked Answered

While checking out a 'ble about Hawian Pig Roast, I was hijacked by "My Web Face" . I could't back up only close.
 I don't know if its you or me thats under attack, but if its you I thought you should know. I really like your site and would hate to see you lose market share due to pirates.
 Burnerjack 01


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canida (author)2011-04-08

Corrupted ads can cause this type of problem on any site (and it's happened on virtually every site you can think of), but we've turned off every server that has previously been identified as a culprit. It's also not necessarily contemporaneous - you might have picked it up earlier. That makes the problem even more insideous.

As Kiteman says, if you run into something like this again please give us as much detail as possible, and we'll try to track it down!

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caarntedd (author)2011-03-14

This has been happening to me on this site too. Not every day, but quite often. I assumed it was just me and my $#!T box PC.

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burnerjack01 (author)caarntedd2011-03-14

I scanned my machine with " Malwarebytes" which is a free download.
It worked for me. Haven't had a recurrence since.
Some people don't like this download but it has found viruses other software missed.
I seriously doubt its the fault of your machine.
If Spammers new how many sales were generated from annoying people they would not exist.

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Kiteman (author)2011-03-05

Can you add extra details - the URL of the project, URL of the "my web face" thing, what software you're using etc?

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