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welcome naruto fans


is it just me or does naruto scream post nuclear war? i used to follow it when it was still in Shonen Jump and meant to be a young adult/teen comic. now that its a TV show on cartoonnetwork all the little kids have ruined it just like everything else. i think there are too many subliminal messages and meanings for the current audience(young kids) to fully appreciate the work that the script writers have put into it.

yea, i used to follow that but now its ruined and that comic about the kid who found a boardgame thats possesed with a spirit? that was my favorite. but now i think they are making it into a show...

nope, its a asian comic from shonen jump magazine. its a board game similar to checkers. but its definatly not jumangi

i keep up more with American comics more than manga and i barely look at them. all i do is look at them on wikipedia

lol i stopped looking at comics about 4 years ago...


They changed the voices mid-way with no explanation. Evil I tell ya. now
On the other hand, forgetting the voice change, they now allow the word crap on one Piece.

Whaaattt?? The word crap???? What is this world coming to.

no what I mean is, usually even the word crud is too mature for them to show. You should watch older dubbed anime and you'll see all the stuff they censor

well i saw all the naruto episodes up to the one they showed last week on cartoon network and i also got episodes1-18 on dvd from japan and i watched them and saw a big difference one was they said damn it alot lol

Well, times are changing. The only way kids wont think its childish is if it throws somethings to at least 8 year olds ( Since everything is targeted to 7 year olds) Ive heard 5 year olds throw some pretty big words around like its nothing. When you hear the words "no you shut up f*****g dumb**s!" coming from a 5 year old......you know theres something wrong with the world

thats because their parents set a bad example and dont care so they think saying stuff like that is fine ive heard stuff like that 5year old said before

i never really watched that show it didnt really interest me i dont know why

It doesnt interest me either. But I cant say its bad, Actually its one of the best ( In fact, One Piece actually beats naruto in sales!
(In Japan and such of course))

I actually prefer the manga though.

i never said it was bad it just didnt intrest me so i never watched it

just watch em on the internet. I'm watching shippuuden before America ruins it. You get used to them speaking Japanese, and after a while the subtitles make you imagine the voices in english.

oh i know, i normaly watch over the shoulder cus my nine year old brother does the same. how old are they?(naruto the girl and the fast guy)

naruto is now 13 in the american one and sakura is 12 almost 13 and idk what fast guy your tlaking about

actually, naruto is younger than sakura i think. Naruto is 12, sakura is 13

hereand no his birthday is october 10 1994 and sakuras is march 28 1995 narutos bday is close to me mine is oct 23 1994 yay sasuke bday is 23 of july for a full list of the birhtdays go to one of my favorite sites for naruto stuff

then the amerine tricked us again!!!! they say naruto is younger!!!!

woops the link is at the begining but anyway that site is my favorite for naruto stuff

the fast guy is maybe lee or sasuke. lee is the one usally in green and has big eyebrows

it wasn't towards you it was towards the other guy who asked who the fast guy is

i got the shippuuden downloaded on my computer i just havent watched em all yet and yes the americans belive the little kids should be able to watch it too its kinda sad it was ment to be for teens but all the stupid editing

Most views of naruto on the internet is from 10-13 year olds. Not censoring too much from anime is good, cuz you can't protect kids forever from reality. Naruto on Youtube is also a way for em to learn about culture. Americanized anime is more like Ame......ri....ne? They cut out every thing japanese. Serously they even cut out moments when cultural objects are shown, cuz they think kids won't really care. They don't, but they're needed to remind them that its japanese, not american Heheh made a pun.....i think....

that is true i agree i think because americans thought it would be a show little kids would watch they cut stuff in japan they know that you cant protect them from reality forever

i pesonaly like the japineise ones, my neighbor is getting his new computer and he is going to download from where i left of on the american one (the one that just played saturday) he is going to download them japinise you get used to looking at the subtitles plus they dont cut out the swearing and comedy because of the little kids (im 13) i think that they shouldent cut anything out when they tanslate it to english for cartoon network, they sould just rate it higher and your right its basicly because of the little kids that the english ones arent that great because the parts they cut.