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welding how-tos? Answered

I want to learn how to weld aluminum and steel. Anyone know of good sources of information and/or starter kits?


Both are easy to learn but require greatly different equipment. Aluminum requires an inert gas (Argon) to shield the area being welded, usually a TIG (GTAW) welder or a MIG (GMAW) welder setup for aluminum. The setups are a bit pricey compared to welding steel. For steel you can use a very inexpensive MIG welder or gas welding outfit for almost anything steel and get very good results. Get a copy of the "Welders Handbook" to get an idea of what you need for different welding processes.

The best bet is to take a gas welding course in the evening. A 4 week course is pretty cheap and once you learn to weld with gas much of the information transfers over to other types of welding. Also look at buying the lincon handbook of welding. It was how I finally learned to weld ALU well.