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were can i buy crystal iodine in australia? Answered

i have been looking for some crystal iodine suppliers in australia for quite some time now, but the only ones i can find sell it by the metric ton!
there used to be a site called auschem or chemsupply . au that sold it but now i cant find it anymore, and when i search it, al they ever have is car washing stuff or products that you cant buy, i know for a fact there was a site that sold chemicals (othe rthan bargainmart) withoin australia, although with ridiculously high shipping, does anyine know where the site is now? or if theres another site that sells iodine crystals, or at leats potasium iodine cheaply?


I bought Iodine Crystals from www.pharmacychem.com in China, perfect delivery and quality. Contact Email: info@pharmacychem.com

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Ill try to put this nicely i would not buy anything from china

Still planning on making explosives!! :-) You will find crystalline Iodine very costly - Because of it's potential use in the UK you wouldn't be able to buy it at all.

i dont care about cost, i just need some, i have about a teaspoon of it right now, or probably halfe a teaspoon, from evapurating iodine tincture, but it was too costly and wasteful i dont quite see how i can be fdaw, and the reason im making it is to play a trick on some enimeys of mine who i know go to a abandoned house regularily, im gona put the stuff everywhere , even on the working toilet

and you missed what i said before which was that i have already made this before and i know how unstable it is if the ammonias purity is high, i just need to where i can get some crystal iodine as the pharmacy no longer sells it in powder form and the camping shop sells alternative disinfectants now, i very well under stand the danger of this stuff, i dont plan on making any more than a teaspoon of this stuff (enough to fill a teaspoon while is still in water)

Who in they're right mind makes nitrogen tri-iodine ?? I spy a FDAW.