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were i can get neoprene in canada ? Answered

I need some neoprene for a project so if you have someting to tell say it. thank`s


Depending on where you are, there are a few manufacturers of neoprene wetsuits (et. al) in Canada, you can probably stop by and request some scrap.

You can also just ask your local dive shop. May reputable shops upgrade their equipment often and may have an old suit they were going to discard anyway.

Neoprene Fabric is sold at Outdoor Fabrics Canada. www.outdoorfabricscanada.com.


7 years ago

Try a Scuba diving shop.

You don't sepecify what shape of stock you need (sheet, o-ring, etc.), but www.mcmaster.com has a large selection of raw materials, including neoprene.

They are based in the US, but if shipping to Canada isn't prohibitively expensive, then it may be the best source. Especially if you are not in a larger metropolitan area that would have a local business that sells it.