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what O.S. and software should i run on my server? Answered

ok about a week ago i got a rack mount hp netserver has 2gb ram, 100gb hd (raid5), and 2x Pentium 3 900mhz from craigslist for $30. I want host my website on it but dont know what operating system or software to use. i need it to support sql and php and maybe email. i tried installing the newest ubuntu desktop edition but i keep getting an error. i tried win xp with wamp but can find out how to get it online. I'd like a linux os because the security but don't know where to start.



8 years ago

Well If you wanted to conserve your boxes(server computer) resources you could try using damn small linux. Install it on the hard drive and use the Monkey server that is (or was) in the distro. Hope this helps. If you need anymore help send me a Private message.

i'd get another linux distro. my experience with ubuntu is very bad i use arch linux and also like mandriva the fact it has desktop is not very important. it takes cpu only when you touch it - not when you just leave it running. kde 3.5.10 does not take very much memory. usually below 150 M (often below 100 M) when left at the desktop. and yet its a very advanced desktop

I'd suggest sorting out your Ubuntu problems. There's also the Ubuntu Server distro, which is more suited to your use. Forget about Gnome and a GUI on the server. Learn the command-line. Running Gnome on the server will only waste resources. X is also flaky on some hardware, just eliminate it from the equation. There are other distros too. Debian (which Ubuntu is based on) is good, and I've heard good things about Centos. Don't forget about the BSDs, FreeBSD and OpenBSD are both good choices. I'd stay away from distros like Slackware and Gentoo if you want an "install and forget" server, as they can require a lot of maintenance.

are there any good instructables on how to do this and could i use webmin.